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Hi, I'm Brenda.
Are you in a season of discernment?
I help busy, high achieving women slow down so they can discern what's next

Discern God's call - Discover your voice - Make a meaningful Impact

Slow Down. Listen to your soul. Discern God's voice and Discover your own.

Here's how I can help


Are you looking for a dynamic speaker or virtual trainer? Let's collaborate on your next virtual and/or in-person event.  I look forward to customizing a transformative and engaging session for your organization, team or faith community.

Coaching & Mentoring

Receive individual and group support to deepen your inner transformation and impact in the world.  In coaching, you will slow down long enough to discern and respond to God's movements in the your life.  I specialize in soul care for high achieving women and spiritual and vocational discernment. You will clarify your spiritual, personal and professional goals and be held accountable to redefining success in both your inner and outer worlds. You will be supported, challenged and celebrated all along the way. 

Virtual Events & Retreats

Join like-minded women for a much need pause and reset.  Nurture and care for your soul in retreats in real life or in workshops that offer the tools and skillsets to thrive in work and life.  We create safe and brave spaces to slow down, listen to your life and discern what's present and what's next. 

About Me

Brenda is a spiritual mentor and coach for high-achieving, world-changing women. She offers over 25 years of diverse experience, including work in media, university and military chaplaincy, teaching in higher education and consultancy at leading global firms.  She is an ordained minister and trained spiritual companion with graduate degrees from the University of Texas and Princeton Theological Seminary. She specializes in soul care for busy high achieving women, spiritual discernment and integrating faith in life and work. 

When she isn’t traveling the globe to find its most sacred places and beautiful beaches, she inspires people to discern God's movement in their life; value their unique leadership style; amplify their voice; and, believe they are enough…because they are.



In their own words...

Dr. Ashley Dash

"Brenda is amazing and non-judgemental! She coached me after I lost my job. I was feeling a lack of purpose and unsure of how to get my life back on track.         After speaking to her, I was able to get clear on what patterns were holding me back so that I could move forward and to land a dream job in Japan. Since then,    I have completed my doctoral program and have gotten re-energized around my business and the next steps in my future."

Ashley Johnson                    

"Brenda has provided timely insight and wisdom enabling me to make informed and empowered choices at critical moments in my life. Her sincere, compassionate, and intentional coaching has equipped me to not just make the "right" choice once, but learn the process of being my best self, over and over again."

"I reached out to Brenda when I was thinking of starting my own company. Needless to say I      was filled with excitement, anxiety, concern, and passion all at the same time. Brenda was able to listen to my story, extrapolate what was most important to me, provided me the courage to take that leap of faith and provided tactical next steps for me to do the very next day. Thank you Brenda for helping me through that difficult transition in my career! I am now several years strong into owning my own company and loving every minute!"

"Working with Brenda was amazing! Her coaching was right on time and gave me exactly what I needed, not what I wanted to hear. Working with her I was able to take an honest look at my business and answer some tough questions.             I highly recommend you invest in working with her!"

"I can't begin to describe just how powerful my coaching sessions with Brenda have been. I am more confident and have more clarity than ever before. It was one of the most empowering things I could have ever done for myself."

Tanya Elshahawi

"Brenda's ability to hear what you're saying is outmatched only by her ability to hear what you're not saying. Both skills led to her uncovering deeper insights into my situation to help me see a pathway forward."

"I feel like Brenda gives a lot of herself in coaching. She is a minister, a challenger, an encourager, a name it, she takes on that role in her understanding of me, the situation, and how to help me improve. I like that Brenda "keeps it real," by asking questions to make you think and evaluate the situation without attributing right or wrong to anything."

"Brenda has provided timely insight and wisdom enabling me to make informed and empowered choices at critical moments in my life. Her sincere, compassionate, and intentional coaching has equipped me to not just make the "right" choice once, but learn the process of being my best self, over and over again." 

Brenaea Fairchild

"Brenda encouraged me to use my gift to serve others while being business savvy. Within 15 minutes of talking to her I had a stronger and more focused business plan. Furthermore, she broke down complex ideas in a way that made it easy for me to understand and apply. From "number crunching" to observing the competition Brenda B covered it all. My business is up and running thanks to her guidance."

How to Get Started

Pick your Path

You're discerning what's next.  Choose your path: Individual coaching, group spiritual discernment or bring me in for your event?

Review & Register

Take a look at the details on my coaching, speaking or events pages.  Register.        I'll send more details by email. 

Let's Discern Together

Now that you're all registered, you are ready to begin your unique discernment journey.  You will join me and others in a safe and brave space that has been created with your spiritual transformation and soul care in mind. 

Let's Connect

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