About Brenda


The short, professional version

Brenda is a spiritual mentor and coach for high-achieving, world-changing women. Her voice has been sought by leading organizations, churches and conferences including, World Vision, Presbyterian Women, LeaderShape, EnvisionEMI, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, The State Bar of Los Angeles. 

She offers over 25 years of diverse experience, including news anchor, university and military chaplaincy, teaching in higher education and consultancy at leading global firms.  She is an ordained minister with graduate degrees from the University of Texas and Princeton Theological Seminary. 

She is spiritual companion, and is trained in group spiritual direction, contemplative prayer, mindfulness mindfulness meditation, coaching and spiritual discernment in the Ignatian tradition.  

When she isn't traveling the globe to find its most sacred places and beautiful beaches, she co-creates sacred and brave spaces where people can slow down, listen to their soul, value and amplify their voice and believe they are enough...because they are. 

The 'Behind the Scenes' Bio

The messy "Stop the camera. Something's in my eye!" version.

There’s a mean girl who lives in my head. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Whenever I have a goal or dream, she shows up and tells me I am not enough. For so many years, I believed her. I lived the double life: successful on the outside, while wrestling with limiting beliefs on the inside. You know the voice... 

A goal? The inner critic sweeps in and says, “You’re not ready.” Want to take a risk? “No! Be rational, not reckless.” The mean inner critic shuts everything down. I was afraid to leap; afraid to try. My mean girl told me to play safe, small, and hide. 

Those limiting beliefs led to behavior and emotions that didn’t serve me or my calling. I was playing small, even while outwardly performing (excelling, kicking butt, dazzling the peeps) at work and showing up fully...for others. 

It didn't help that I was always the "only one" in most contexts.  Only Black person at the table? Check! Only woman? Yup. Sole clergy woman (and only woman of color)? Uh huh. I definitely had to learn how to do life alone. Showing up clad in my armor. Heavy? Yep. Lonely? Most of the time. 

The pain of not being my whole self, became so great that I got sick of it. Literally. I was physically ill and my soul, well, it was not well either.

I talked to God and I listened. I sought help from spiritual mentors, leadership, and mindset experts. I deepened my spiritual practices. I got still. I talked back to that inner mean girl and spoke life to myself where I once allowed violent thoughts. I took risks to understand the mind and the power of the human spirit. What I’ve learned has changed (and continues) to change my life. 

I’ve mentored, coached, and spoken to thousands of people. I’ve met amazing people— like you—who are great on the outside but struggling with their own inner critic. While you are thriving in your job and ministry, your personal and entrepreneurial goals are on hold—your voice is small and your dreams delayed.     I know how that feels. Making a difference in the world starts with an internal transformation.

You are enough. You've done enough. You've got what it takes. Your voice matters. You matter.  

I want to create a space for your to slow down long enough to discern God's presence 

in your life and remember who you are under all that armor.  

There is a marvelous chaos to traversing this new way of living.... I do not promise perfection. Ha! I’m the most imperfect person I know. But I'm being stretched in ways I didn't know was possible. Sometimes it feels great. Other times, I want to run back to comfort. But after many years of being stuck, I now know years   of living in the direction of true freedom. Thank God.

I want to help as many other high achieving women do the same. I'm on a quest to help people slow down long enough to discern God's presence in their lives, discover their own voice and lead lives of impact and meaning.  

Are you ready to quiet the inner critic and turn up the volume of God's truth and love in your life? You wanna take the journey inward?  That's where transformation begins.  Let's discern together! 


Brenda B