Coaching and Mentoring

There is a version of you that is longing to be realized. The you who knows you're enough to make a meaningful difference in the world. Let me support you in identifying who "you" are -- the truest version of you.  

Are you ready to discern God's voice and discover your own.  Are you ready to develop your unique leadership style?  Are you ready to answer the call to deepen your spiritual walk and integrate it into all areas of life?  Are you ready to get unstuck and unlock the dreams that lie dormant in your heart and mind? 

Let me partner with you. This is the work I was created to do.  It's your time.  


"Brenda is very easy to talk to and I always feel that I am safe with her. She has such an ingenious style of probing and getting to the bottom of my issues and concerns. Each time I meet  with her it has improved confidence, deepened my insights and moved me towards successful outcomes."



What High Achieving Women Have to Say...

I have met many "life coaches" in the past, however, neither left an impression on me as Brenda did. She is a true coach.  She understands how your past experiences affect you when trying to move forward or feeling stuck.  She helps you work through that and empowers you with specific ways to do so.  She not only helped me work through my career goals but strengthened my faith. It does not matter your background or current work position, Brenda is relatable and showed passion for us all in the Career Clarity Bootcamp.



Brenda helped me navigated through some tumultuous issues  I was having with relational difficulties in ministry. She listened to a very complicated situation and broke it down simply - giving compassionate, truthful and insightful feedback. She offered practical and spiritual solutions. I'm so grateful for her coaching; it was spot on! Months later, the situation has dramatically improved and I have been personally transformed. I would recommend her coaching to anyone in any situation. 



Years ago, I was overwhelmed with a demanding job. My behavior reflected my mindset; I felt defeated.  I met with Brenda to tell her about my "Crazy Tuesdays!" Brenda immediately zoned in on my language and approach which was defining a defeated language that was defining my work and life outlook. Within a couple sessions, I had a new perspective -- one from victim to powerful creator of my day and career. Since then, I've consistently lived into this shift in mindset. I have Brenda to thank for influencing this habit and what it has produced in my life.



Brenda's insightfulness is incredible! I was impressed with how she was hearing things at a deeper level, stuff I never vocalized but that were completely true.  I was blown away by that and the clarity I was able to gain on my own.