You are busy, but you want to stay connected with God. I understand! I have created on-the-go journals to help you insert prayer into your already crazy, busy life. 

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These Journals offer simple ways to commune with God. Guided by Scripture, you will be prompted to reflect on God's presence and grace in your life, in less than 10 minutes! It's a beautiful addition to your day—a gift that keeps on giving, beyond the few minutes you invest. 


Visit my Facebook page every Wednesday to join me in gratitude and prayer. 

On Wednesdays, aka WednesPRAY, I pray for friends and strangers on social media. It's pretty simple: I invite you to post a prayer request or gratitude. I ‘like” the prayer after I've prayed. It's pretty cool. There’s power in prayer and being held by hundreds of others in a spirit of love, compassion, and goodwill. Join us. Leave a prayer or take one. See you next WednesPRAY. 

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