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Join other like-minded women on a 5-week
Discernment Journey

Registration open for
the April 2021 Cohort

The Discernment Journey:
Discern What's Next in Your Career and Life

Get Unstuck > Gain Clarity > Discern God's Voice > Discover your Own 

About This Course

Have you struggled to hear God’s voice and to understand God’s will for your life?  Has COVID-19 disrupted your calendar and your plans?  

Has the uncertainty of this time and an unknown future caused you to ask, “God, what’s next for me?!?! God, what are you saying? What are you doing and what is mine to do?” 

If you are wondering what’s next and feel called to listen more deeply for God’s voice, I want to invite  you to join The Discernment Journey, a 5-week, live, virtual group coaching course.

You’ll learn the prayerful, practical and profoundly transformative discernment tools, and strategies, with support in a beautiful community. Bring or develop a specific discernment question and walk through it the discernment and decision making process. Practice discerning God's voice and discovering your own through weekly spiritual practices and exercises you do on your own during the week and process in community during our weekly interactive sessions.

We meet live on Zoom for  five Thursdays, April 1, 8, 15, 22, May 13 at 4:15 pm PST / 7:15 PM EST (90-minute sessions) 

What you will learn

This Course may be helpful if you are:

Seeking a way to  deepen your spiritual rhythms and practices

Discerning what’s next in personal and/or professional life 

Trying to figure out what God is up to in your life and how to respond to it during a pandemic

Making a specific decision and need a safe space to pause, discern and decide

Sensing a “for such a time as this” call and need help getting unstuck

Seeking practical ways to discern God’s voice and discover your own 


Step 1

This 5-week, live online course will explore Biblical and real life stories of discernment and offer practical tools and spiritual practices for decision-making especially in turbulent times.  Each week, you will learn a discernment tool AND put it into practice.

Go Deeper

Step 1

This course is for anyone who is sensing a call to go deeper in discerning God’s voice during this important time in history and in your life. Each week includes a time of stillness, brief teaching, personal reflection, small group discussion and Q&A  each week. 


Step 1

Join a like-minded community  of women who are committed to drawing closer to God. You will  share your spiritual transformation with others.  We will practice discernment and be held accountable to seek and respond to God's call. 


Our amazing clients share the's what they are saying 


"I was on a job for 12 years that no longer met my financial needs, was affecting my physical health, and there was no more room for growth, but I was scared and became comfortable in the discomfort.  After attending Brenda’s online workshop,  I gained the confidence to live past my fears.     I recently finished 8 months on a new job    and have experienced tremendous personal growth and have witnessed God’s continued blessing  on my life!"

Susan Kell Smith

"The discernment Journey was just what I needed at this time.  It really allowed me to focus on how much God  is a part of my life and really step forward with more confidence in that awareness." 

G. Chung

"Wow! The DIscernment Journey is a MUST for anyone who wants to place their entire life in the center of God's heart because one is certain of God's love.  It is causing  me to be more and more aware of God's love in my daily life.  I recommend this class not only  for church leaders but for anyone who wants to experience God's radical love in a new way." 


"I am so thankful for the Discernment Journey. I reached a point for the first time where I grew to understand and accept the concept of holy indifference wholeheartedly.  It is freeing. Thank you."

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the course dates and meeting times?

The course meets for five  Thursdays,  April 1, 8, 15, 22, May 13 at 4:15 pm PST / 7:15 PM EST   

Each group session lasts 90 minutes and will include a brief presentation, small group reflection,  spiritual practice. live Q&A and coaching.

Please bring a journal and Bible. A weekly spiritual practice worksheet will be provided.

What if I can't attend live?

All course participants will receive the recording each week. You will have lifetime access to the recordings. 

The class builds each week so I highly encourage you to attend each class live, if you can.  You will be amazed by the power of connecting, learning, growing and discerning together in community.   

How will I connect to the course?

We will use, a video teleconferencing platform.  A private link will be provided upon registration.  

Please download and log into the Zoom platform before our first class. 

Is there a book I should buy for the course?

Currently, there is not required reading or a book for this course. Participants receive weekly worksheets and engage in spiritual practices designed to galvanize your learning.  You will receive a recommended reading list at the end of the course.  

I created this course from scratch. It is informed by over 20 years of ministry experience, theological education and training focused in Christian spirituality and spiritual discernment.   I am an ordained minister, spiritual teacher, coach and chaplain who has journeyed with hundreds of people on their discernment journeys and spiritual formation.  

I will reference the Bible and other texts that have significantly informed Christian discernment literature and formed my own theology and practice. My work is particularly shaped by: Christian spirituality,  St. Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises, Ignatian Spirituality, the live and work of Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Howard Thurman, Dr. Timothy M. Gallagher, Dr Elizabeth Liebert, Rosemary Daugherty and other women and men scholars, experts and practitioners in the art and science of discernment.  

What are the weekly modules?

Week One

I am Enough - Getting Unstuck from What Holds Us Back

This new session was added because of what continues to emerge in my conversations with hundreds of brilliant, high achieving, spiritual  women.   On the outside, you look successful, busy trying to do it all. And on most days, you get things done. But inside, there's a secret war waging. There's a mean girl who lives in your head. Mostly you live with a nagging thought of not being "_______" enough (you know what goes in the blank),  In this session we will detach from the untrue stories you have believed about your worth and unearth a greater faith story hidden in God's intention toward you. May you reclaim the joy of simple grace - free of judgment and inadequacy.   This is the best starting place as we enter a discernment journey.

Week Two

Preparing for Discernment - How to Cultivate a Discerning Heart in COVID-19.

We will discuss the impact and divine opportunity of COVID-19.  We will define discernment, examine the myths about decision-making and why it is so difficult to confidently make decisions. We will discuss the pitfalls of discernment and debunk myths that get in the way of spiritual freedom.  We will lean into the grace and invitation of living a discerning life with God in uncertain times. In the end, we will remind you of who you are and whose you are. 

You will:

  • Be present to the impact of COVID on your personal and professional life.

  • Define what you are discerning 

  • Define discernment by exploring Biblical and real life experiences.

  • Identify the loudest voices in your life and commit to nurture a discerning ear to God’s voice.

  • Discover your underlying beliefs about God’s and your role in discernment; challenge whatever gets in the way of experiencing spiritual freedom.

  • Practice new ways of listening to God’s voice and connect with your deepest desires.

Week Two

Paths of Discernment - How to Trace God's Movements in your Story before, during and beyond COVID-19.

Through Biblical and real life stories, we will deep dive into the many ways God speaks.   You will also explore your personal discernment journey and the lessons learned about God and yourself.  Trace God’s unique movements through your spiritual journey. 

You will:

  • Look at your own journey with God with new, grace-filled eyes.

  • Consider the unique ways God has guided your life.

  • Discuss the difference between discernment and decision-making.

  • Practice attentiveness and stillness in daily life.

Week Three 

Process of Discernment: How to Practically Listen to God in everyday Life.

This week, we roll up our sleeves and learn several discernment practices, ways to notice God’s movements in our lives and the world.  You will be encouraged to pay attention to God’s ever speaking voice; to hear and follow God’s direction in small and big ways.   

You will: 

  • Distinguish between the gift of discernment and the grace of decision-making. 

  • Share best practices.

  • Discuss ongoing sticking points.

  • Practice ancient and modern tools of discernment.

  • Practice a the process on a real discernment issue in your life, and troubleshoot any issues that arise.

Week Four 

Practicing Decision-Making: How Discernment and Decision-making work Together.

During this last session, we will reflect upon our takeaways from the course, do live coaching and commit to God’s invitation to lead a discerning life. 

 You will:

  • Apply discernment tools to current sense of call

  • Commit to living a discerning and decisive life during COVID-19 and beyond

  • Create your personal discernment practice

  • Celebrate and affirm your ongoing discernment journey with God

Do you offer private coaching?

I hear you. Sometimes we need focused attention. Having a skilled and prayerful presence in your life is priceless. I get it. I have spiritual coaches,  too.  Unfortunately, I am not currently offering one-on-one coaching with the exception of this course.  

During this course only, you can add 3 (60 minutes) coaching calls for a total investment of $587 for the sessions and live course.  This rate is only offered as an add-on to the live course.

It’s ok if you aren’t able to invest in this one-on-one coaching option at this time. There is weekly Q&A built into the group sessions.   

Feel free to raise your questions  in our group calls.  If you have questions about coaching, please email

Do you have any free resources on discernment?

Yes.  If you are not able to join the course, I invite you to listen to this sermon series on discernment.

What is Discernment? -

Practice and Problems with Discernment -

Download my free worksheet and video, 6 Ways to Discern What's Next in your Career and Life

I also recommend books on the topic by Dr. Elizabeth Liebert, Dr. Howard Thurman, Fr. Timothy Gallagher, Rosemary Dougherty and Ruth Haley Barton.  I like this handout by my dear friend, Becky Eldredge 

Lastly, I encourage you to ask God to teach you how to pray. Practice listening and talking to God.  Take note of the ways in which you have successfully discerned in the past. Trust that God is eager to guide you today.  I am praying for you. 

What is the refund policy?

I invite you to purchase the course, join the first session and fully engage.  If you discern the course isn’t for you, please email me at for a full refund within 24 hours of attending your first session. All requests made by 12:00 pm PST on April 2 will receive a full refund.  No questions asked. Requests made at or after April, 12:01pm PST are non-refundable. No exceptions. Thanks for understanding. 

I still have a question.

I love questions.  Please email me at  I look forward to hearing from you.   

I can't make it this time around. When is the next Discernment Journey Cohort.

After the April 2021 cohort, there may be Fall 2021. Keep an eye out at  

About Brenda Bertrand

I help women discern God's voice so they can answer what is calling.  She inspires women to deepen their relationship with God, self and others so they can lead a life  of meaningful impact.

Brenda Bertrand is an author, speaker, spiritual mentor and mindset coach. She finds joy in helping women find the confidence and courage to take their next leap of faith. She creates safe and brave spaces for high achieving women to tell, mend, and redesign their stories.  

Her diverse career spans the worlds of media, ministry, higher education, and the political world in the nation’s capital. She lived overseas in mainland China and currently lives in Los Angeles, CA.  She serves God and country as a seminary and military chaplain.

Born and raised in America’s paradise, the Virgin Islands, Brenda Bertrand came to the U.S. mainland to earn undergrad and graduate degrees. She completed graduate degrees at the University of Texas and Princeton Theological Seminary.

When she isn’t traveling the globe to find its most sacred places and beautiful beaches, she inspires women to step into their brilliance, amplify their voice and believe they are enough...because they are.

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