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Looking for a speaker at your next corporate, faith-based, or small group event? I engage audiences from many contexts, including Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, church conferences, and university chapels. Schedule a call to discuss your next event or email me at brenda@brendabertrand.com.

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Women's Topics, Retreats and Conferences

Making HerStory: A Biblical Narrative Experience – I have created a unique, narrative-style preaching experience for your event. Together, we pick a current event or issue and I tackle the current event through the eyes of a woman from Scripture. I do this in first- person. This project was born out of a desire to tackle current day issues from a biblical perspective. Racism, abuse, socio-economic disparities, struggling to find and use one’s voice, family trauma, and daring leadership. These issues exist and are powerfully lived out through the stories of Old and New Testament women—named and unnamed. Pick an issue and character and watch her come to life! After the narrative performance, your audience will be challenged to engage this woman’s story, and their own, in ways a normal sermon could never do. This is perfect for environments where controversial issues and dialogue are welcome. 

Discerning What's Next  Have you struggled to discern God's voice? Has COVID-19 disrupted your calendar and plans. Has the uncertainty of this time and an unknown future led you to question yourself and God?  "God, what's next for me?!? What what are you doing and what is mine to do?" I help people discern what's next in all aspects of life.  Learn to discern God's voice and discover your own through Biblical stories and practical tools for discernment and decision-making. I lean on my training in spiritual direction and Ignatian spirituality to help people who are trying to figure out  and respond to what God is up to.  We take time to pause long enough to pay attention to our soul and the movements of God.  This session is a deep dive into the art and science of discernment and decision-making.  This signature talk is available as a stand alone talk or longer course and training. 

Prayer for Busy Women: The Greater Adventure – What I hear constantly from women, is true of my own experience; they really want to pray—but they feel they’re just too busy. Too busy to stop. Too busy to be. In my whimsical way, I share how God invites us to make our crazy, busy life a smoother ride, with prayer at its center. This session offers simple, ancient, prayer practices that can be in support of—not in opposition to—our already busy lives. I share my experience in monasteries, abbeys, and convents across the globe. With these insights, participants will unearth their own faith stories and reclaim the joy of simple prayer—free of judgment or “shoulds.” 

Our Story by Design – This hands-on, interactive session will explore how our stories have unfolded during an unprecedented year. Through powerful guided exercises, we will reflect on this years' losses, celebrate its gifts, let go of what stifles our joy and reimagine meaning in our story.  This experiential and practical session will offer a safe and brave space for courageous storytelling, story-mending and story-redesign.  With new insights, participants will mindfully unearth and use their own voices and reclaim a radical story of what is possible personally and professionally. 

Singleness Topics – Our society places tremendous value on having a great love story. But what about those who remain single or find themselves single again? Together, we will explore our stories regarding singlehood, using powerful reflective practices, prompts, and key themes. Together, we’ll lament losses, celebrate gifts, let go of what kills our joy, recognize God’s enduring presence, and reimagine meaning in the single life we perhaps didn’t expect. This experiential session offers a safe space for deep soul work. Tears, anger, and laughter allowed! As a single woman, I share personal and biblical perspectives.

Meeting the Moment: Spiritual Activism in Turbulent Times This session teaches people of faith how to put legs to their prayers. Attendees will be reminded of their call to live out the faith. They will be challenged with biblical, historical, and contemporary examples of the call to do mercy, walk justly, and act kindly before others and God. Not for the faint of heart! People have left these sessions with a conviction and call that changes the way they pray and act in the world.

Executive Style, Faith-based Talks

Women’s Leadership @ Work–I’ve worked in many industries, and held diverse leadership roles. I speak to the nuances of being a woman in the workplace, how to use our authentic voice, and leverage our unique leadership presence so we can stand out in the marketplace. I create safe and brave spaces to candidly discuss blind spots, fears, and frustrations; as well as identify constructive ways to dismantle barriers. I emphasize the irreplaceability of women voices and leadership in all spheres. 

Live on PurposeThis session teaches the art of stillness. You will learn the tools to go from clutter to clarity, and from dreaming to doing. More importantly, you will go from a hard stall, to empowered action, by turning your fear into faith. Attendees will learn a powerful co-creation process with God that moves them from waiting on God, to moving with God to make a meaningful difference in the world.   

I Am Enough: Renewing your MindI teach people how to renew their mind. I address identity, the inner critic, and how to break through barriers of fear, comparison, and perfectionism. Using part neuroscience, and lots of biblical and practical truth, people walk away with the “ahas” and tools needed to turn down the mindless chatter and turn up the volume of God’s voice in their minds and lives.   

Customized Learning and Development Solutions.

Let's discuss your L&D needs.  In addition to having a suite of communication, workplace-focused and mindfulness workshops,                              I can design a customized online, interactive workshop, keynote or brown bag for your team or organization.  I also have a vast network of speakers and trainers from which to draw. I am happy to refer you to one of my talented colleagues.

What some of our amazing clients are saying...

The future women leaders of the United States Air Force LOVED your presentation! You have an innate ability to connect with people of all walks of life, cultures, and creeds. You bring an energy to your seminars that engages women and moves them with you until they capture that energy for themselves. The retreat that you created for us was one of those defining moments that the Cadets will never forget. It has helped them as they now use those techniques to bolster their confidence as military officers in this very difficult time of war. Thank you for the investment you made in our Nation’s greatest treasure!

Chaplain, Lt. Col. Crystal M-Davis

U.S. Air Force Academy

Brenda Bertrand speaks directly into the heart. Her message is clear, clean and powerful. She packs a punch with her knowledge of spiritual truths applied to proven methods for positive change. Brenda stands out among speakers, coaches and trainers as she cuts to the core – enlightening, inspiring and providing impactful tools for dynamic growth and true freedom.

Renee Scobel

Former Exec. Dir.,  John Maxwell's INJOY Group THRiVE! and The National Women’s Ministry Association

Your message was honest, informative, and biblically relevant. I have been greatly impacted after applying the concepts from your presentation to my life. As a result, I am a better leader and woman, and am excited to see how your speaking will change the lives of others.


U.S. Diplomat


Although Brenda was here less than a month ago, students have already inquired when she will return to campus. My colleagues felt that the quality of the day, equated with conferences that associations pay hundreds of dollars to attend, “she is definitely top-notch!” She was approachable and exuded inclusiveness across the board. Choosing Brenda as our speaker was the best way to begin the year.

Cathy Weatherspoon, MSM

Executive Director, Thriving Grant County


Her dynamic delivery brought the room to life and left the audience inspired and ready to take action. She motivated the members of our organization to a new level of service and dedication. Again, we really appreciate how you helped us this Fall.

Damitra Jackson

Towson University


Brenda Bertrand was a riveting speaker at our Brother to Brother Conference at Howard University. She inspired us all with her gift to relate to people of a wide range of ages as she spoke to an audience of young African-American men in junior high and their teachers. She has an uncanny ability to make you feel as if you can take on the world no matter how old you are. Anyone who is graced with the opportunity to have her present is in for a wonderful treat!

Sean Mickens

Brother to Brother Conference, Howard University


Your ability to bring together our conference into an energetic closing session has inspired our officers to generate a new buzz this year about NSCS on 225 campuses at colleges and universities nationwide. Though the next conference is nine months away, they already are asking if you’ll be back!

Steve Loflin

Executive Director, National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS)


In just three short hours, you challenged our staff to recognize and start to overcome the communication barriers that have hindered our success. We are now working more cohesively as a team and understand our next steps for achieving full interdependence.

Amy Shopkorn

Director of Training, NSCS


Amazing training! Brenda was terrific and really connected with the audience. I was so impressed. She made it look so easy.

Susan M. Hovanec

CFP Vice President, Investments Ferris, Baker Watts Inc. 


Brenda is a motivational speaker like no other. She has excellent presentation skills and the rare capacity to communicate complex points in a simple and understandable manner. She spoke with such a passion at our annual Mass Communication Career Conference and commanded the full attention of the entire audience, academicians, practitioners and students alike.

Rama M. Tunuguntla, PhD

Professor, Gambling State University